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01-30-2013, 11:39 PM
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Posted this on the main boards just to get a conversation going on bad fan experiences. Here's a ****** night I had at the sens game tonight...not giving my thoughts on habs players (if you guys want a brief summary, I think most of them sucked). Anyways, here it is:

I was at the game tonight, the senators were hosting the habs. Most of you should know that when the leafs and habs come to Ottawa, half the arena is usually filled with the opposing fans. We took the bus there and we were joking around with sens fans we didn't the whole trip there and making fun of each other about little things and the whole bus was laughing together, it was a pretty good experience. Sens fans are usually great, most my friends are sens fans including some that came to the game with me tonight and I don't mind them at all.

So finally, the game started and was off to a great start, the habs scored a goal and we habs fans cheered, the sens responded with a goal and the sens fans cheered. There were some 'go sens go' chants and some 'go habs go' chants and each group of fans was trying to yell over each other to support their team, it wasn't so bad.

Then the 2nd period came along...some of you may have seen the scoresheet, the sens dominated the 2nd period and wow did the sens turn into ********** or what lol. There was a group of friends in front of us (some sens fans, some habs) and when the sens scored they'd cheer and obviously we would boo. As they scored more goals they would just turn around (specifically one girl) and pretty much face us and taunt us by cheering specifically at us to rub it in rather than just face the rink like the rest of the spectators...kind of annoying but whatever, they're sens fans so they are happy for their team. We started booing every little thing the sens did that got some cheers from their home crowd cause by that point we were fed up with the game and disappointed and just wanted to vent off. Well the sens scored goal #5 and they did the same thing and one that same girl pretty much proceeded to give us the finger while cheering and my sister/friends were ready to knock her out lol. The girls boyfriend was smart enough to pull her away before her dumb ass started ****.

Needless to say, I've been to many sens games and I generally think sens fans are classy but this night sucked. Also this isn't a knock on sens fans...I hate your team but I realize you aren't all unclassy like that one fan tonight.

Any of you guys want to share some ****** fan encounters at games or something related to that?

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