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01-30-2013, 11:44 PM
Lemieux who?
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Originally Posted by MattMartin View Post
What trades were you looking for? Our kids? that's all we have to bargain with unless your speaking of draft picks in which either case it costs Wang money and that's my point. My point is that Wang holds the purse strings and unless he is telling Snow pick up whoever you want or sign whoever you want and for some odd reason since it is not Snow's money he is reluctant to spend Wang's to make this team better? That i find very hard to believe however Wang telling Snow lets keep this to the bare minimum seems much more likely.
He's always saying that. His criticism always stems from something Snow has nothing to do with. It's honestly like blaming the farmer for sour milk even though it's coming from the cow. Free agency is a crap shoot. Without the desire of the player to play here it's a dead end. Trading away for holes, especially defenseman, you can see how depleted it makes your roster because they are so valued. Just ignore this guy...

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