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Originally Posted by WinterEmpire View Post
Oh please, get over yourself and get your facts straight.

There are lots of Canadian cities with 2 or more pro sports teams, many have hosted UFC before, many also have/had car racing. Just because Toronto has a large population does not mean it's sports town. There is nothing significant in the events that they have, given its size compared to other cities.
Originally Posted by Ryan34222 View Post
i think his point is its a Leafs town, so no point putting Hockey attendance in this

Raptors, well there tied to Leafs STH, and 13th in attendance is nothing to brag about.

Jays average 26000 but thats like 25th in the league and about 50percent so.

Soccer meh. TFC still got a new smell but the shine is wearing off.

Toronto does suck, the 416 cant do it by themselves. it needs the 905
Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
5 if you count MLS and the CFL.
First off, for winter empire. CFL does not count in this discussion. So most Canadian cities have 1 hockey team. Second if you count MLS(which shouldn't count either) then it's barely two but MLS really? not yet.

Raptors are 8th in attendance. And so what if they are tied to the leafs, MLSE can do what they want.

All baseball attendance is down outside NY, Chicago and Boston.

Soccer - yeah.

Others - Toronto does not sell out the CFL, or Lacrosse. So? Toronto is in the big leagues and the Rock or Argos are not big league not matter how many western canadians say other wise.

Toronto lacks the buzz outside the leafs. This is how people are lurking can tell you know nothing about other sports.

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