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01-31-2013, 12:05 AM
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Kiszla is pissed. Take a look at his twitter page. Just some of his tweets tonight......

Avs worst scoring team in NHL. Told leading scorer to rot in purgatory. Would like to hear from hockey "experts" who blasted me 2 wks ago.

When I wrote before season that no O'Reilly was sign Avs didn't really care about fan, there were fans who cursed me for not knowing hockey.

I was way ahead of curve on this Ryan O'Reilly disaster. Glad to see my pal @adater piping up, so hockey dunderheads can come to senses.

So @denversportsfan sez: Avs should not cave. I say: That's exactly type of foolish talk that allow good hockey market to suffer.

So @Shotgunstohalos sez: Watch hockey before you tweet about it. I say: When your top $ player is career underachiever that's real problem.

I like Kroenke family as owners. Really do. But it's time admit Avs have been a badly mismanged franchise for at least 5 years.

I get it that folks are irritated with Joe Sacco. But why is he here? Cuz front office prefers a puppet behind the bench.

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