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01-31-2013, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by HugoSimon View Post
Yes but it's north of dallas, not south, it's expansion into more northern tv markets, combined with lesser competition from other sports is a big bonus.

Also if the team does fail, it can be branded as the place is too small to support a team, if houston fails, it'll be the 3rd major population center in the sunbelt to loose a team.

That kind of failure could really ruin the sport in southern areas.

Granted I think houston is gonna be first to get a team, I just think KC is far better.
Well yeah, if it fails, that'd be bad, but if they were just worried about that then there'd be no expansion, period. Every market has its own advantages and disadvantages, but Houston's shear massive size makes it pretty damn hard to ignore.

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