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01-31-2013, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Appleanche View Post
I don't know what the hate on Burke is.. yes he overpaid for Kessel in Toronto, but when he made that move two first round picks the Leafs organization probably thought would be bottom 10 picks rather than two top 5 picks..

He had a huge hand in building the core of the Canucks still today in drafting the Sedins, Kessler, and most of their veterans.

He won a cup with the Ducks...
Where's the hate? Here is where the hate comes from.

Keep in mind when he came into Vancouver and Anaheim, the building blocks were already there. Yes, he deserves credit for making key moves that ultimately made them successful, but he didn't build those teams from scratch.

In Toronto, he was faced with a far more difficult task. There he would have to build a team from the ground up. The team was not only bad, there were no great prospects in the system. Keep in mind he did not face those problems in VAN or ANA. He definitely deserves a lot of credit for those teams, but he gets WAY too much credit for "building" those teams. He had nothing to do with Bertuzzi, Naslund, and Jovanovski in Vancouver, and he had nothing to do with Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, or Giguere in Anaheim.

The Kessel deal itself wasn't horrid, but nearly every other move he made surrounding it was a complete failure. Komisarek, Armstrong, Beauchemin, and Connolly were all expensive failures, and in FOUR YEARS couldn't get the two things that Toronto desperately needed despite full control and virtually unlimited resources: a top line center and a top notch goaltender. Oh yeah, and he did the exact same thing that ultimately cost him his job in Vancouver, he stayed insanely loyal to a lousy coach.

I get so sick of people treating Burke like he's the best GM in the league. Fact is, in the last five years, he's been one of the worst. Yes, he's a good man, but make no mistake, he failed miserably in Toronto and deserved to get fired. The only thing he probably didn't deserve was the weird timing of said firing.

I honestly hope he gets another chance. But not here. He's already gone on record saying he'll do things exactly the same way he always has. So HELL NO...I do not want him here. I can totally understand fans here being frustrated. I have never been so frustrated with a Denver sports team in my life...and I'm a Rockies fan for cryin' out loud. But Burke is not the answer. Not now, not ever.

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