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01-31-2013, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Seattle is a gorgeous city. Should have never lost the Sonics. They need a new arena asap.

I would still prefer them move to QC but I think that is going to be an expansion market.
Yeah. It's all about optics. Always. Losing 2 american cities to 2 canadian cities in 3 years is just not going to fly in NHL head office or US. Optics don't work, same as letting the Coyotes go without a fight, they needed to fight the fight in Glendale to ensure possible future rinks using public money.

Plus the league will extract a heck of lot more from Quebec and Hamilton/Toronto 2 in expansion fees, since they are "safer" markets. Makes better sense to relocate to Seattle rather than Quebec, IMO.

I really think the league is going to expand in a year or two. The seriously considered it coming out of the lockout last time with few viable markets (maybe WPG and KC in 07, but neither were ready at the time, KC has no interest now, IMO), now they have several markets like Markham, Quebec, Seattle busting the doors down trying to get in it seems, IMO.

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