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01-31-2013, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by TheGoldenJet View Post
Pens need a winger bad. Ideally 2 wingers, 1st line wing for SId and a 2nd line wing for Geno. But a 1st line wing for Sid could serve to bump Kunitz to line 2 and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Without this, this team is in big trouble.
While not disputing that we need at least one quality winger, I am much more interested in all the glaring systems related issues, Bylsma doubts etc. Reasons being, that with the cap-space we have and the budding desperation Shero must feel to get results in the post-season, I have zero doubts that we will add an impact forward for Crosby at the deadline if not sooner (though not before some teams with relevant targets are considered out of the running... otherwise prices will be untenable).

But even if that guy is Iginla for instance, we are just not going to get results if we don't have a functional structure. Our first line can hardly even set up in the offensive zone. It is one rush and done.
Never mind which line it is, our forecheck is ineffective and unless it is Malkin's line, there is hardly any sustained offensive zone time shifts.
Our breakouts playing 5 on 5 are terrible and zone entries 5 on 4 are so uniquely bad that it would be hilarious if we weren't Pens fans.
Defensively we still suffer big time against any aggressive forecheck, because our D-men simply do not play tight enough/collapse enough around Fleury, and when one is caught out from a mistake or being as aggressive meeting forwards on the wall in our zone, as they are seemingly supposed to be, they are receiving terrible support from the forwards (C's in the main) who should then be offering support in front of our goalies, tracking their man etc.

Then you can add potential country club issues; among which we have the much discussed accountability issue for vets and lack of trust/honest chances being given to the youngsters we need to build up rather than tear down. Lack of any discernible fire also.

Getting an impact forward helps, for sure, more so if it is a player who can also add significantly to the PP on the left wall. But ultimately it is going to be the equivalent of polishing a turd if all the structural issues are not dealt with. Then any hot, cohesive and well coached team will have our ***** in the playoffs.

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