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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
See, this doesn't work too well for me. The same problem runs in my family for every male. We are stuck as tall, skinny, cut kids. My dad and his brother were the same way. Eat whatever the hell I want and don't put on a pound.
You should consider yoruself very lucky. I also have a couple of friends who can eat 4000 calories per day while sitting around at home and at the end of the day they are 1.5 lbs lighter than in the morning.

My metabolism is so bad that if I as much as open the fridge and look at a pudding or a cake, I gain 5 pounds. If I eat one plate of spagetti, I'm 4 pounds heavier.

So you need to eat carbs and then go to the gym. Turn the fat you ate to muscles, because muscles weigh more than fat anyway.

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