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01-31-2013, 01:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Not trivializing at all. Simply trying to remind people that our team's deficiencies were almost exactly the same (Martin better now than he was then, PP was slightly better but still inconsistent) and to the same degree, with Sully here. We had some nice stretches where he and the team played well but IMO if he were here today, we'd still be having the same conversations.

The issue is a systemic one (literally and figuratively), not a case of one or two personnel mistakes / line arrangement mistakes / etc. With Sully here, maybe we score a few more PPG over the season so far, maybe a couple losses look less ugly, but ultimately the problem would remain.

BTW your new avatar and slogan are quality.
I know what you are saying but it's not just losing Sullivan either.

We lost Michalek, who ate up 20 minutes a night and was our top defenseman for PK minutes without having him replaced. We traded him for no one that could help us at the NHL level anytime soon. With the injury to Niskanen, you really start to see how thin the Pens top 4 is.

Sutter was a downgrade offensively from Staal.

In essence we lost two very important players to our special teams that were not replaced and a downgrade to Staal's offensive production so far.

This is not including the loss of guys like Asham since he was essentially replaced by a guy like Glass.

The bottom line is, even if you don't feel Sullivan is that important, it means we're forced to put 4 different people on the revolving door at Malkin's left wing and have little NHL depth of value to trade to anyone. Injuries on the defense show the importance of having depth in the top 4 since we dealt Michalek without replacing him.

The depth is thinner than previous years...that's all I'm saying.

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