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Originally Posted by ZyggZagg View Post
So the people who live downstairs from me attracted mice a while ago. They're the owners of the house but only live in the basement suite. When they first appeared down there, we asked them to handle it or it will just spread. They did nothing and the mice have gotten out of control here. I have a Jack Russell who hunts them well, but it isn't enough.

Them being in the kitchen is one thing, but I'm pretty sure they're in some furniture now. Maybe even my mattress, which is not acceptable obviously. We're moving in a few months, but I don't want to take the mice with us in our furniture. Is there any way to get them completely out of the furniture like couches and chairs? Most answers on google just talk about either preventing them, or going to war with them and eliminating them from the house completely. That isn't an issue due to us not being the owners of the house.

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Apparently the best solution is to get a cat.
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