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01-31-2013, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by nameless1 View Post
The post with my video was deleted.
I just wanted to make sure I didn't break any rules.

I will have to call my hoodie a Bunny Hug from now on.
I think it is just awesome...
Although I might have to sew 2 socks on top, just to make it feel correct.

Try not to google it.
There are some really weird pictures...
Some are good, some...not so much, and some just doesn't make sense at all.

It really didn't tell me what it was.
To be honest, urban dictionary was more helpful...
Which also opened a can of worms.
I now know more than I should.
Some things can never be taken away...
The horror, the horror...
Its ****in' terrible. Every time i hear it I cringe.

I just looked up urban dictionary's explanation. What can of worms did that open? I saw nothing unusual.

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