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01-31-2013, 04:07 AM
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"Have them bathed, and bring them to my chambers."

The Avs glory days are far behind them and the current rebuild has taken its toll, with certain questions left unanswered but a sense that a corner is about to be turned. That depends, of course, on how well things go with the current crop and if they can be the foundation that the team needs.

Right now it is easy to despair being an Avalanche fan, but I think it was worse 5-6 years ago when they were on a slide and mediocre at best. Even if they might suck most nights, there's at least the hope that it's for a reason and might soon be at an end. And an expectation that this rebuild come to fruition soon.

Being a Colorado fan, you've got a short history but a lot of tradition packed into it, whether or not you go back to the Nordiques. And, speaking of which, that is something the Avs have in common with your current (and I hope future) team - they both stole from Canada.

For players that our two franchises have had in common (and that I can remember) - Morris was made redundant by the rise of Liles. Most of us have already forgotten about Vaananen. Claude Lemiuex is about as well-liked in Colorado as anywhere other than New Jersey. Aebischer played one game for your team. Vrbata showed some promise but is mostly remembered as trade-bait. Chris Gratton made a lot of money. We knew Ricci when he was young and ugly, not just old and ugly. Kurt Sauer actually played defense for both of our clubs. Wolski, eh? Winnik was well-liked in his time here, couldn't be re-signed, got a good return. Mueller, eh?

Colorado fans on this board are mostly laid back. Prone to theatrics after a loss. I drunk post about once or twice a year and regret it.

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