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01-31-2013, 06:15 AM
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In some way I think his stoicism hurts him (as it does a lot of other hockey players). They play with pain that would debilitate normal humans and don't whine about it, so people tend to dismiss it.
This is so true. Hockey players play through some injuries that would leave most people at home in bed, on drugs and calling in sick.

And Krejci doesn't use injury as excuse.

Just wait in maybe ten or so games when Krejci goes on his slump and everyone says he isn't trying, is lazy, and should be traded for bobby ryan.
I don't think Krejci is lazy. I do think he gets bored and I definitely think he has to have somebody who can score goals on his wing. He isn't a flashy scoring center, he is the playmaking center. He struggles if there isn't anyone to make plays with or if the playmaker on his wing is struggling.

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