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01-31-2013, 06:14 AM
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Originally Posted by capitalsrock View Post
What the hell are people talking about.

Buffalo wins this trade by a mile.

2 of Montreal's best prospects who will be very good and a first likely in top 10 if not top 5 in a great draft.

Sure Vanek has had a couple of very good games but he has been very inconsistent the past couple of years.
Yeah, because buffalo REALLY needs ANOTHER undersized player and to add even more into their defensive logjam. In essense from a buffalo POV its a first and 2 players that they have ZERO need for. How is this in buffalos favor? With this deal we probably have the smallest group of forwards in the league. I honestly don't care what the value of those prospects are to your team, but as they fill zero needs for buffalo, from our POV they might as well be scraps. We don't HAVE to trade our best player. It wasn't one of OUR fans that made the offer. We are perfectly happy to keep Vanek, as he isn't even available in the first place.

PS- Vanek is currently 6th in points in the league, second amoung LWs, and third overall in the Eastern Conference. Sitting happily at 2PPG

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