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01-31-2013, 06:21 AM
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I will always remember big george for one thing.
Lucic had run at every habs player, had fought habs half his size and played to the Boston fans in doing it. Something had to be done.
Habs signed Big George for one thing only. Lucic had to be stopped.
Habs simply had no one as big and mean and good at fighting as Lucic.
Big George knew why he was signed. At the first opportunity Big George stepped on the ice and well Lucic run like a the coward he is. Big George chased him up and down the ice with no regard for the play. Lucic just run away skated as fast as he could to get away from Big George, and Lucic also had no regard for the hockey play, he was just running for this life. Up and down the ice for 2 minutes this lasted until Lucic flew off the ice and back the his bench and the safety behind his coaches skirts.
Of course Boston fans will never admit to all this. " it never happened, Lucic never saw George, he just played his shift and a fight never happened so Lucic is still the best fighter in all of hockey, I see nothing, I know nothing,I hear nothing". Well I saw, I know, I heard it all, the day Big George showed Lucic for the coward he is.

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