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Originally Posted by John Holmes View Post
It's like you guys think I want Zibanejad to fail, when nothing could be further from the truth.

He obviously has a lot of raw skill, but for anyone to proclaim with any certainty that he is going to be a finisher...all I can ask is based on what?

Sure he has + skills in many areas, unfortunately burying the puck isn't one of them. Even guys like Chris Kelly and Shaun Van Allen lit it up in lower levels, which Zibanejad has not done, ever.

Neither did a whole lot in the NHL offensively.

None of that means that Zbad will never figure out how to finish. Maybe he will. However the overwhelming history of evidence suggests that guys that can't finish at lower levels, don't start finishing at the ultimate level.
Your tempered and sober enthusiasm is appreciated, all too often the opinions here are black and white between boom and bust. I do think though that Zibanejad has been continually pushed up to the next level very early given his size, speed, and maturity, and that has been the biggest reason he hasn't been lighting it up anywhere.

You may be 100% right but what do you think his numbers would be like if he was playing in junior right now? I'm pretty confident he would be killing it as a 19 year old.

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