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01-31-2013, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
Actually, my opinion, in an age when petitions etc mean nothing, is that a call to arms from Avs fans occur, and people start to watch Avs games from local haunts, rather than Pepsi Center (helping local businesses).

If Colorado play in front of 50 fans, it is the only thing that Stan Kroenke will understand, because it affects his back pocket directly.

The more people provide their hard earned working dollars to Stan, the more it is ok to remain with the status quo. It really achieves nothing.

Stop giving the ownership of this team money, until it's owner realizes he has a sinking ship. Support the Avs. Support local businesses. At the same time, show this ownership they don't control you like puppets, easily quaffing you of your hard earned currency.

The power is with the fans. The problem in Colorado is there is never enough people behind a cause to make it happen.

Stan & Josh would just tear up a petition, and laugh off something like that, as they look at fans with disdain, and down their noses. If they start making heavy losses, they'll start "to get it".
Pepsi Center could remain empty the rest of the season and the Kroenkes would still not care heck do they even know the lockout is over? The Avs payroll and expenses is pocket money for Stan, he is involved in other "projects" these days like Arsenal and Rams and is only keeping Avs because if he sold Avs he would probably have to sell his son's special toy Nuggets as part of the deal too and then poor Josh would cry... Sadly we seem stuck with them as owners.

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