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01-31-2013, 07:08 AM
Kriss E
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I really think DD would be better on the wings. It was easy for him Last year getting sheltered minutes platine with our two best wingers who happened to be power forwards with a lot of speed that create a ton of room.
Eller isn't a PF, they aren't getting the same sheltered minutes and opponents are paying more attention to him.
Being to the wing where there's less responsibilities will be better for him. Also, between him and Eller, he actually played well the few times used there, Eller just looks lost on the wing, it becomes all even more obvious the second he gets to play center even if its on the 4th line.
Eller is a center. Merging him to the wing just won't work. Time to give it a try with DD.
Eller will attract more opponents driving the puck, but he can protect it well and has nice hands, Cole needs to rush in like last year to also attract attention, and then DD can come in as a trailer and find his openings. Makes perfect sense to me. I really hope we try this.

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