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01-31-2013, 07:09 AM
Felix Unger
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Originally Posted by Isles hat View Post
THEY all did a good job making the area a decent place for entertainment, shopping, dining etc. Sure, they faced many obstacles along the way. Bottom line is-Ratner got it done.
I like Barclay's. The architecture is, simply, awesome. I'm happy that the Islanders will play in my borough. But any project that reduces (through eminent domain, no less) the number of residential units (note: NOT chop-shots) in a population-rich area with a vacancy rate of 2% is an utter failure. And the arena wouldn't have happened without Prokhorov coming in on a white horse.

So, sorry, "they" did not do a nice job. Anybody who buys the narrative that the area is a ****hole before Ratner and nice after is perpetuating a silly myth anyone from Brooklyn knows to be false. The neighborhood is no better off than it was before.

It is hard to find a place to live in NYC. Ratner made it harder. You won't find many Brooklyn folks thanking him for that.



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