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01-31-2013, 07:12 AM
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I honestly don't think the arena would be being built in downtown if the 2006 run hadn't happened.

I think that run opened Katz' eyes and balanced the Oilers financials by bringing in a ton of money.

Ever since then the Oilers have also been able to charge higher ticket prices even in a rebuild.

I remember almost being so on edge about making the playoffs that year because we had invested so much money in bringing in Pronger, Peca, Roloson, etc. that if it didn't work out ... I think it would've been a disaster for the team.

Honestly I think the 2004 run for Calgary and the 2006 run for Edmonton basically transformed both franchises big time and cemented a ton of new fans at a time where lots of people were moving into the province.

I think both those runs also changed the mindset from just wanting to make the playoffs to legitimately thinking about building a Cup champion some day. Granted I think the Flames window has passed on that, but even a few years ago when they were just getting Jokinen and Bouweemester they were obviously going for it. We went hunting for Hossa and Heatley, before going to full rebuild route, but make no mistake, the end goal here is to win a Cup too.

This type of thinking would've been insane in the 1990s.

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