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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I agree, anybody who changes their mind on things 5 or 6 games into the season had a hollow perspective in the first place. If your opinions are grounded on solid bedrock, it should take substantial evidence to change them.

Los Angeles is in 9th place.
Pittsburgh is in 10th place.
Philadelphia is in 13th place.
and... Tampa Bay is in 2nd place.

We shouldn't be taking the standings too seriously. In particular, we've played 4 homes games and 2 road games, and our team has scored 18 goals on 167 shots, implying opposing goalies have had a .892 save percentage against us. That won't last, typical around the league might be .910, which would be a ~15-20% reduction in goal scoring.

I don't expect the team to stay in 5th place.

What I'm worried about however, is that we might be an 8th place team at the deadline. That would encourage the GM to stay put. If your best-case scenario is correct, and Galchenyuk-Subban-Price-Pacioretty has an outside shot at being a cup contending core
, then that is all the more reason to sell, sell, sell at the deadline, as we just need to add a bit more fuel to the fire to light a championship flame.

I note that we have three offensive smurfs, Brian Gionta, David Desharnais, and Brenden Gallagher. On that basis, I think that one of Gionta or Desharnais should be traded at the deadline, preferably Gionta.

If Bourque and Kaberle are swapped for 4th rounders we will clear enough cap space to go after Corey Perry.
I don't expect us to finish in 5th, but it doesn't look like we are going to finish last either. I thought whole idea of a surgical tank was do nothing and we would end up at the bottom of standings again. Then after adding this top-5 pick we could turn everything around in 2-3 years and be a contender. Now you're saying if we don't suck enough we should start trading Gionta, Bourque & Kaberle in the hopes that we end up as bad as you thought we were. Do you think losing those 3 will make us drop that far in the standings that we can get a coveted top 5 pick?

And I'm sure Perry would love to sign with a team that was in playoffs and decided to sell a bunch of players. It's not like he would want to be on a team that actually tries to make the playoffs or anything

By the way if 2 1st line forwards, a 1st pairing D, and a top 5 goalie only give you an outside chance at being a contender, then what exactly is a cup contender?

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