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01-31-2013, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
A team could go 10-0-72 and make the playoffs with 92 points. 62 games under .500 and a team could make the playoffs. Embarrassing.
If we're going to go by a strictly theoretical situation since nobody would ever lose 72 times in a row in OT, what if a team lost all of those games in the shootout? That 10-0-72 team was never actually outscored in an entire season. That means that that team would have been considered, before the last lockout, undefeated over an 82 game season. If that were the situation, I would much rather see them in the playoffs over a team that went 45-37 with 20 shootout wins which really makes them 25-37-20.

I think the bigger problem than the loser point is the shootout. I'd have no problem eliminating the loser point if they eliminated the shootout. I'd hate to see my team miss the playoffs because they lost a bunch of games the way they could never lose in the playoffs. It's a gimmick aimed specifically at the casual hockey fan that just wants to see something "fun". Why not just have your teams fighters have a go after OT and based on fan vote via text and internet, whoever wins get the win for the game? That makes about as much sense as the shootout which has nothing to do with a team sport.

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