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01-31-2013, 07:38 AM
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Getting back to.The Day @ STU!

Originally Posted by RED ARMY EAST View Post
It's a different situation, as the conference is at a higher level than those days. If your hands are tied, it's going to be a problem in regards to recruiting. Top end teams are pulling from all 3 major junior leagues to find success. This team needs to be able to do so, in order to be a higher end team. If Troy doesn't have the resources, it's going to be a long ride!
The reasons for lack of sufficient numbers of recruits and short recruiting $$$ is common knowledge in Freddyville.

Recruiting back in the day( MacAdam era ) was NOT rocket science and I might add that not one recrruit that this recruiter had anything to do with received ”one penny" more than compensation guidelines but rather relied on matching up appropriate candidates with corresponding academic programs......many of the recruits who opted for STU were being aggressively recruited by other schools but bought what we,ie STU was selling.

TROY RYAN has done an.amazing job of securing a number of bluenchip team members and will eventually land sufficient snipers to become more competitive in the AUS.

Salvation is near at hand as the real fans know.

OBSCENE compensations are NOT required to build a contender but rather proper identification of talent and securing same.

Keep tbe faith,better days ahead,::


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