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Originally Posted by KuleminFan41 View Post
Don't be ridiculous. He was born in Canada ffs

Burke drafted more after Cherry critisized him? Ok first off, thats extremely xenophobic what Cherry said and first he said"more Canadians!"then it was more Ontarianoians!!!111 You really don't know. Look at Burke's draft history, it stayed virtually the same throughout the years, few Canadians,few Americans and some Europeans peppered in.
Born here,and proudly represent the states. Telling me he was born here,after quoting me where i already said he was born here seems repetitive. Burke took Biggs when Jenner was still available. I take Jenner. He takes the American kid,who is a winger when we need a center.Why because he does what Jenner can do,except score.

Jenner can do everything ,and had done more,and was our center just sitting there,and Burke wanted Biggs. Big mistake.Patriotism pick.

Ty Rattie was still on the board when biggs was picked,but Rocco Grimaldi was still on the board to then in fairness.

He signs Komisarek out of patriotism can only be the remaining reason lol.

I will look at his history if you want,but i bet i come up with more examples of patriotism picks.

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