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01-31-2013, 08:36 AM
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Pull the plug and be done with it.... (Coyotes)

Jamison's attempt to purchase the Coyotes falls apart......again. the "tenuous lease agreement" he hashed out with the city is being voided. seriously this has to end at some point. it's bad for the hardcore faithful down there, but this is to the point of ridiculous now.

the city and most fans don't give two ***** about the team. all one has to do is see the stands during a game to determine that. it wouldn't surprise me if some WNBA teams can outdraw the Yotes.

it was a noble effort and try to keep the team there and truly establish hockey in the market. i am certain there is a growing hockey atmosphere in the area, that in years down the road will help to truly establish a franchise in the area.

it's time to look at relocation. either to Seattle or back to Quebec. personally i would like to see the Nordiques back in play. i am also skeptical that both SEA and VAN could support two teams in such proximity (150 miles). i dont know much about the market and atmosphere up there so i may be wrong. i know there are several Jr teams in the market other than that i dont know squat about it.

any move is also going to have to bring the question of realignment into immediate discussion and most importantly - resolution. we can't have WPG still playing in the east conf - SE division.

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