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12-15-2003, 01:43 PM
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Garbage for Garbage

If your talking Garbage for Garbage I got the greatest trade!!

Rivet, Audette, and Brisebois for

The Detroit Tigers!!!!

Garbage for Garbage.

I would definitely argue the Wooley better than Brisebois as Wooley plays on a much better team. jason woolley 29 1 12 13 19 This is pretty impressive I like the +19. Brisebois 9A and +8. But I also remember the real Wooley in Buffalo.

Detroit is the best offense but its still one of the worst places to watch a game in my opinion. The no entertainment off the ice like other teams. Not a great atmoshpere and the wonderful $100.oo folding chairs and the drunken standing room twits. Where they make little girls cry and used to yell for Larionov to hit someone. Its a wonderful place. This is the real Motor city madness, Oh and can forget about the troffs what a great trick those are. (Maybe the slimmy pizza and Miller beer has sometime to be about it)

St. Louis Arena is terrible I really hope for the fans in Detroit that Ilitch builds a new arena!!! The fans deserve better!!!!!!

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