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01-31-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe McGrath View Post
I don't think anyone is rooting for him to fail. Hell I don't root for Corvo to fail, because that's you know bad for the team. For whatever reason, be it effort, defensive ability, brains, or whatever the case is, he hasn't impressed 3 NHL head coaches in 5 years. We aren't privy to what exactly the reason for his non success ,but it is SOMETHING. Maybe a change of scenery does him some good (a la Tlusty) and for his sake I hope it does.
Vagrant made his opinion known long before three coaches were involved. I don't disagree with you. His chances have run out. I'm not saying he has given us enough reason to play but I also don't think he gave us enough reason to let him go. I wish we traded him a few years ago, which is saying something since I abhor trading prospects or picks. This organization has shown it plays favorites. I respect they have their own way, but I've never fully agreed with it.

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