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01-31-2013, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
I did too...right up until they were caught handing out free rides like Halloween candy. If they get it..great...they'll run a great event..but I can't look past those sanctions and what they did to earn them. Yes they were caught and yes it's something they are attempting to put behind them as an organization...but people to this day still talk about the Manson family...some things just don't go away. No matter how hard you wish for them to.
Being quite presumptuous aren't we? Last I checked no details were ever released about the sanctions, what it was for (outside of "recruitment violations"), who was involved, etc.

Considering how much Portland got walloped with (and the things they were caught for), you could say that what Windsor did was even more minor than that.

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