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Originally Posted by Colorado Avalanche View Post
Only problem I have with Sherman is that he believes in this current defense core, which sucks. I think he made mistake giving 3-year deals to Wilson, O'Brien, Hunwick whatever. BUT we have to remember he didn't have more cap-space to use, so he was kinda stuck with this current **** what he had.

Sacco needs to go, Sherman needs to stay. I think he's doing fine job! IMO.

(I like his style as well, going to get what he wants, Varlamov, Johnson etc.)
My opinion, which most think is wrong anyways.

1. We should have kept Liles, and not acquired Hejda.
2. I'm torn on the Johnson/McClement/Siemens vs. Stewart/Shatts/Rattie, especially with McClement not wanting to sign with us. But it's happened, and Johnson is ok, I guess.
3. We should have traded up at the draft using whatever to get Douggie Hamilton.
4. We should not have signed Shane O'Brien, Greg Zanon.
5. Whilst he made defensive errors at times, we should note most on our team presently do consistently, but Elliott got 13 points, in 39 games at plus two. Average that out, he's up there with Johnson. Ok, he'd be my 7th guy, but he gets ice time when bad form hits.
6. You need ONE pylon. I have gotten rid of Hejda/O'Brien/Zanon above. That leaves O'Byrne, who I'm satisfied with.
7. I would have "attempted" to acquire Subban, and I would have offered him 4.1 per year for 4 years (which he would have taken), in a trade for O'Reilly AND Barrie.
8. Hunwick would still be in Boston, and Cohen would still be playing for LEM.
9. I appreciate all the above would cost the Kroenke's, but hey, it aint my moola

Our defensive core then would have been: Liles, Johnson, Wilson, Hamilton, Subban & O'Byrne, with Siemens/Elliott plying his trade in the juniors.

I would have then acquired Semin & Parenteau in the off season. My team:-

Semin - Stastny - Parenteau
Landeskog - Duchene - Downie
Mcginn - Sgarbossa - Jones
Mcleod - Mitchell - Hejduk

Subban - Johnson
Liles - Hamilton
Wilson - O'Byrne


I've totally got my GM's hat. I would have provided O'Reilly/Barrie for Subban. I know a lot of you would disagree with much of the above, but hey, it's fun doing it

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