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01-31-2013, 09:18 AM
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I don't believe in expansion for the next 5 years at the very least. Why? Because the NHL wants leverage. If they relocate PHX and gives expansions to Qc, Seattle, Markham, they'll get money for sure sure but what happens after after that?. We're ending up with a 32 teams league with no option left for relocation. If the panthers, blue jackets or another team needs to be relocate where are they going to go? They'll be stuck=contraction if no new owners shows their face.

I think the NHL wants to keep some cities that wants NHL just for leverage. They want to have a plan B (relocation) available at all time. This is just my opinion I can't prove it . Of course we saw threads about cities like Saskatoon, Milwaukee, Kansas City, etc but as far as I know none of them are serious candidate at the moment (no owner or new arena).

I'm pretty sure it's only relocation (short term). For this reason, if the Coyotes moves, Qc will get them. They aren't thinking of an expansion fee they could get from Markham or Qc they aren't thinking of an expansion at all. Gary said (a while ago) he wants to return to cities wich had NHL before trying new ones. Qc is ready with a decent temporary arena and I can't believe PKP signed that contract (with Qc city) before knowing he'll be on top of the relocation list.

Will the NHL expand to 32 teams? I think so but not untill they find that new extra slot (city) available in case another problem happens after that. Maybe they found it already who knows...

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