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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
I've been a firm believer that in order for Desharnais to have success in this league, he will need to be converted to the wing. Not many great small centers out there because they're too easy to move and neutralize in front of the net. On the wing, he'd have more time and space to set up.
This convert DD to wing thing. Please. Give it up. In two years, the following wingers have a chance to make this team:

Kristo: Fast as hell, skilled, spirited, decent size,and performing.
Collberg. Playing in the Swedish pros, and performing at 19. Or is it 18.
Hudon: Burning the Q, very good player.
Bozon: Burning the W, very good player.

2 of these guys have a good chance of cracking the top 6 in 2014-15.

Habs will have no room for DD at wing in two years, he is too small to play there, and he will be outperformed by youth at that position.

DD has to perform as a center this year, and score goals, or he is gone next year. I said this this summer. Forget the convert to wing thing.

And expanding on this topic: I have warned and *****ed about our centers for a year. In contending terms, Habs are terrible at center. Gally is 18 FFS, do you expect him to be our number one C next year?

Habs have:

Pleks: Fantastic no. 2 C, and very good no. 1 C. Ageing, and on the small side. 82 games is a long season for Pleks. He has 3 good no 2 C years left.

Gally: 2-3 years from being a great no. 1 C.

DD: Not happening. Expected. Perform, as a center, now, with any wingers.

Eller: Not happening. At least right now. Forget DD, there should be a thread on this. I am really really disappointed at this right now. Eller has to be the most neg thing in what is a really fun start to Habs this year.

If I was Bergy and Therry, I would be very worried about Eller. We could be ****ed if he fails. He was the one guy I was watching this year, absolutely key that he develops.

Not happening so far, but we are 6 games in. If he is playing like this in 15 games, we have a bad bad problem on our hands.

Because of Eller, at least right now, Habs are in serious trouble at C. DD was fun, but he is just too small. I never considered him to be in our Cup window.

But I am really worried about Eller. I thought he was an important piece next year and in the cup window, as a third line C.

It's early. But Eller needs to perform this year. If not, it's over. And that is a huge loss to the Habs.

Given Eller's failure so far I think it is inevitable that we try to go UFA or trade for a good big C to play 3rd line next year. Which is ****, as this is almost impossible to do. Hence my disappointment with Eller.

DD? He has 42 games left to prove he is a top 3 Center on a contender, with third line wingers.

Habs cannot afford to be this **** at center starting next year. No one gets carried. Our contending window opens, and we need 3 good centers, no ****ing about.

Maybe now guys here are starting to realize why I was screaming for Carter last year.

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