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01-31-2013, 09:33 AM
Viva rebuild #3 !!!
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Respectfully disagree here. I believe most of his trades have been upgrades.

Downie (unfortunately now injured) vs Quincey -> is an absolute joke. They HATE him in Detroit, he's not a good d-man and their fans are trying to peddle him to any team that would have him. Downie brings an element to our team that we missed. He's a big loss right now. Huge win there.

McGinn+Sgarbossa -> is another huge win. Galiardi was not working out and constantly in Sucko's doghouse. Winnik wanted too much $$$ and ended up getting screwed over in free agency. McGinn could have easily 5 goals right now, at some point, they're gonna start going in.

People are always very critical of the Liles trade yet can't seem to recognize that he was heading for UFA status and had stats comparable to Wisniewski. He ended up signing a 'favourable' contract but even so, you're still locking up this guy long-term with all that he brings, good AND bad. He was never going to be better than adequate defensively, that much was obvious. But sure, they could have maybe signed him and hung on to him and he definitely would help this team out right now, that's for certain.

The Varly trade took a lot of balls and until Filip Forsberg does 'anything' at the NHL level, this has to be considered a WIN.

All in all, I think the trades that have been made have improved our team, I have no doubt of that. I do think that right now, the entire team seems to be in disarray. There is no chemistry since players seem to find themselves on a different line almost every game due to injuries or otherwise. The systems or lackthereof certainly have an effect on the game (Matt Duchene on the point on the many games before the little light comes on in Sucko's head and he realizes that this is just not working? Classic Sucko ) and our team seem demoralized. Someone else mentioned it as well, this team doesn't seem to BELIEVE in their capabilities which CANNOT be allowed to continue on for much longer.

Most GMs get at least one more chance with another coach before they get canned, though I personally believe there was no way to justify re-signing your head coach after the abysmal 3 year showing we just had.
I don't agree. I think that if you look at individual trades, there are a couple that look OK, and a couple that don't, but overall I don't see any real team improvement. If you assume the same FA signings and not-signings - is the current team they're icing any better than the 'traded-players-inserted-into-the-lineup' could-have-been team? I don't think it is.

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