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01-31-2013, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggyjoe21 View Post
It's hard to evaluate a GM. But I wouldn't fire him. He hasn't done/not done anything to warrant being on the hot seat.

big deadline acquisitions? check (Hossa, Guerin)
trading strengths for weakness? check (neal, kunitz)
Goes after big time free agents? check (Martin, Parise)

He doesn't overpay for deadline acquisitions (1st for Gaustad? really?), doesn't overpay for FA's (Leino, Gomez). Pens are in a very solid salary cap situation despite having the best core of talent in the league.

IMO his biggest knock is his draft rate. Besides Staal, how many Shero era prospects made the team? Jeffrey and Despres. That's 2 in 6 years. Not impressive.

I also don't think the recent playoff collapses are Shero's fault. 2010, Fleury sucks and Halak and Cammellerri dominate. 2011, Pens are missing Sid and Geno. 2012, Fleury and defense collapse.

IMO, all the pieces are in place. I don't see anything negative within the organization that can be faulted on RS. I would let the entire coaching staff go before Shero.
- Hossa was 2008 and Guerin was 2009. He can't continue to get a free pass for doing nothing positive at the TDl since 2009.

- The Neal and Kunitz trades were amazing, there is no denying that. However, you can't forget trades that didn't work out (Poni, Z) or the fact that Shero still hasn't found Sid a winger via trade (cause he sure as hell isn't doing it through the draft).

- How can "going after big time FAs" be a plus? It doesn't matter if he tries to go after them if he fails to sign them. Especially if he totally snubs every other FA while trying to get the best FA (ZP last summer).

The last things are basically saying that Shero doesn't take risks, which is why he only goes after sure things and signs 3rd line vets. At some point patience turns from a positive to a negative, and IMO we're about there.

Also, with all is vet bottom 6 signings, and DB's ***** for those guys, our prospects don't get any time to develop.

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