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01-31-2013, 09:40 AM
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Markov : 10 (huge fan of his but didn't expect him to look this good)
Plekanec : 9 (he looked very good when I saw him in the Czech Elite league, glad to see it carry over, looks great)
Diaz : 8.5 (he's been good on the PP but helped by playing with Markov)
Gallagher : 9 (shocked at how good he's looked, hope he gets quicker over time though)
Emelin : 9.5 (I know playing with Markov is helping him but I am suprised at how good he looks playing on his off-side)
Prust : 8.5 (glad to have him on board, love how he sticks up for his mates and gets his nose dirty)
Galchenyuk : 9 (i'm a huge fan of his but didn't think he would put up the points like he has)
Price : 8.5 (has been very good for the most part)
Pacioretty : 7 (disappointed before his injury but the entire line looked terrible)
Gorges : 7.5 (steady as usual)
Bouillon : 8 (shocked at how well he's played, was not expecting too much despite being a longtime fan of the cube)
Gionta : 7.5 (looks good considering he's missed a full year)
Bourque : 7.5 (actually wrote an article where I wanted the Habs to sign him as a FA out of the NCAA with Wisconsin but wanted to puke after watching him last season, glad to see he looks much better so far)
White : 7.5 (love the way he plays, not the smartest player but tons of heart. How about next season a 4th line of Moen-Dumont-White, would be fund to see)
Moen : 5 (has not looked very good to me)
Kaberle : 2 (can't stand seeing him in a Habs sweater)
Cole : 5.5 (a big disappointment so far)
Desharnais : 2.5 (looks beyond terrible, and I'm a big fan of his)
Armstrong : 4.5 (hasn't looked very good imo)
Eller : 4 (needs to start producing)
Budaj : 3 (I don't look forward to seeing him in net, hope we have a better backup next year)

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