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Originally Posted by TheFirebird View Post
If the upside to this season is 1st round elimination, perhaps management could package a player or two at the trade deadline for a first round pick. At this point, I'm certain that even Holland is aware that this team is in rebuilding mode; I only wish he had come to terms with that sooner.

Also, it seems as if this would be a good draft to try and load up on physical defensemen; between Ristolainen, Nurse and Zadorov, perhaps we could nab 2 of these players for a fairly quick improvement to our defense, assuming of course that we don't keep them caged up in Grand Rapids for five years in favor of older players that have been forced into the AHL for good reason.

IMHO, our defense needs gritty defense focused defensemen, and has been left wanting since it lost Konstantinov's juggernaut presence. Offensive defensemen are also an obvious need for today's game, but you can't have offensive defensemen fumble around, as they often have, while our backchecking forwards stand idly by, as they often have, and not clear the players screening your goalie, etc.

An effective team builds off of a combined defense, or ideally a physical, defensively capable defense that has some offensive flair as well. If you are willing to acknowledge that this is a rebuilding period to the Wings, I propose that the ideal place to start is with a solid defensive core; obviously, Boston's approach to its structure comes to mind -- they don't always score goals in droves, and as far as the modern Boston roster, it seems as if they have had to really grind out goals at times, but they are building in a manner that allows them some security against Philidelphia-esque absurdly porous defense/goaltending. Perhaps it's time to re-build accordingly?
I think we're re-building properly. Slow, but properly. Kenny's own words of the process he's doing is "re-tool", basically sign stop gaps until the farm is grown and ready. He's just taking it too far with some of these guys. But - he hasn't traded away a single prospect in a pool of guys that's rising as we speak. If we go as deep as to our 10th prospect we're still finding quality like Ferraro or Sproul. In the 15-20 range we can still find Athanasiou or Quine. Most team rankings have our pool top10, some as high as top3. So there's a huge positive.

Size on the back end I'm not too worried about. We have Smith who's 6'1/6'2, Backman and Marchenko are 6'2, Sproul is 6'4. Those are more in the skill guys department. Then we have Lashoff, Nedomlel and McKee who are 6'3+ physical stay-at-home guys. Then there's a few more guys like Ouellet, Almqvist and Jensen rounding things out. I see a good balance there. Maybe lacks one guy who brings both adequate physical play and puck movement at the same time, obviously those guys are probably the hardest to come by aswell.

I think the biggest weakness of our pool is sizable forwards with skill. There's a lot of skill between Nyquist, Tatar and Jarnkrok but neither has size. Sheahan and Andersson have size but they're not quite as skilled. Jurco probably is the closest we have with size and top end skill, but he's got ways to go. Tvrdon is a long shot. Beyond the absolute top of the draft there's still Nichushkin, Gauthier, Mantha or de la Rose. But I don't think you should ever take size over skill in the first round. If you get both that's great, if not you take the 6 feet guy with more skill.

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