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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
ask the ref thread, huh?

what is the worst call you've ever blown?
Great question. I was doing a summer league a few years ago, tie game with 2-3 mins left. After a shot, the puck was loose to the left/behind the goalie about 4-6" from the line. The goalie reached back at the same time a offensive player battling a defenceman swiped at the puck towards the net.

I was on the same side as all of the action, moving along the goal line towards the net and would have bet my right arm it was under the goalie's glove. I blow the play down and waved off "NOOOOOOOOO!". The goalie lifts his puck. No one ever says it was in. I look around knowing it HAD to be in the net. I look, don't see it....look again....don't see it. It was tucked under the net pad right next to the post, at least 6" past the line. I then called it a goal...and heard it from the crowd (luckily small due to being a summer league) and especially the coach.

The player that scored said he didn't even know he hit the puck, which made me feel a bit better. I guess I didn't really blow the call in the end, but definitely the most embarrassed I've been about a call I made.

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