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01-31-2013, 09:58 AM
Reign Nateo
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I think Florida and Toronto fans have a much different take on goaltending than Canucks fans. I've watched a couple Panthers games and usually watch the Leafs' games that come on and a good portion of the goals that go in would result in our goalies being crucified. Yet due to each team's respective goaltending history, their fans see no issues. Just a different perception is all and not trying to take a shot at Leafs/Panthers fans. But it's almost like they forgot what All-Star caliber goaltending looks like every night and what it can mean to your team.

That "highlight of the night" goal that Theodore let in the other night is a prime example. All he had to do was stand his ground, the shooter had no time, yet he does some kind of barrell roll and gets beat low. That would have created a **** storm in Vancouver if Luongo or Schneider had ended a game like that. Yet Florida fans seem content.

Again, not a jab, just an observation.

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