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01-31-2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
I remember Mike Jensen(Not that he's on the team) saying something about playing with some of the "hockey-guys" back when he grew up in Rødovre. I remember specifically him saying it's good to see them do well in the foreign clubs they were at. I'm not sure if it was Mikkel or Mads Bødker or perhaps Lars Eller. But I can't think of others. I wanna go with the Bødker brothers playing on the same team but that might just be my imagination. Anyway... These guys were quite good. They went on to play some sort of cup final in Parken when they were young(Like 12-13) - And I'm not talking Skolefodbold.

I know guys like Michael Smidt and Michael Sauffaus also played soccer until late in their junior careers they had to pick one sport. In Rodovre it's very normal that guys play soccer in the summer and hockey in the winter.

There goes one very, very, very far fetched sort of kind of lookalike connection between Mikkel Bødker and the National Team B-team.
Im guessing the Boedker brothers, since they both grew up in Brøndby.. I have a really good friend who was in the same folkeskole class as Mikkel

I remember him saying his Hockey was all he was any good at, and that he sucked at school..

He also said Boedker sucked at English, so im guessing he was just jelous, as Boedkers English os quite good

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