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01-31-2013, 10:59 AM
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I don't think you can fire Lavy right now. Look at the circumstances around all these teams and the way this year began.

1)Some players were playing in lower level league in Europe to remain in game shape and ready to go when the NHL season would begin. Now the other players were working out home, but there is no shape like hockey shape. Players had no exhibition games to get back to the speed of the NHL, especially the younger players. Training camps were one week, and BAM the season was upon us. These guys need some more time before firing the whole staff of the Flyers.

2)Just like injuries shouldn't cost a player a job, they shouldn't cost the coach/GM one. Hartnell, as much as people love to hate him, is a huge part of this team. His foot injury hurts our 1st line, and in return our entire depth down the wing. Couple that with Briere not being ready to go to start the season and also him still not being 100%. Now we have Mez injured on the back end. He might be playing on our 3rd pairing, but he is a top 4 defender. So we had our 1st line winger, 2nd line center/winger, and top 4 defender out to begin the season. It's tough to maintain a superior game with so many injuries right now. Also I was mentioning this during the Rangers game, but Girous is hurt. It's something in his lower body. His skating isn't as strong as it was last year, and at one point on the back check the Flyers got the puck and Giroux hunched over with nobody near him. He is clearly playing in pain right now.

3) We are 7 games into the season. I know its a 48 game season, but we still have time to right this ship. This is why none of us are GM's in this league. We make reactionary decisions too much. You knew once we went down 2-0 to the Rangers that this board would explode about either trades, firings, etc. We all need to sit back, let the players and coaches figure out what the problem is(which unlike some of you, I believe they can) and see if they can get it back on course.

I will say though, not a better season to fail right now for a stud defender than right now. With the quick schedule, this season will be final sooner than we know, and we will be looking forward to a extremely quick off season.

EDIT: If this has been said already I apologize, I didn't read through the entire thread. Pretty much figured it would be the same nonsense we see when we go on a losing streak.

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