Thread: Pre-Game Talk: 2013 NHL Entry Draft Talk
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01-31-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
Wow, i'm just going over this list now. My first impressions:

-I love Wennberg and should be the 2nd ranked swede, but would i take him 11th overall? I don't think so.
-Burakowsky still in the 1st round? Top 15? Get out of here. They are right that his playing time hasn't been a lot, but he has failed to impress even in his little time there. But i guess scouts see his potential and his likely move to Frolunda next season as a big step for him.
-Give me Nurse over Zadorov. Horvat over Domi.
-Although i don't follow the WHL, i am a bit surprised at Mueller at 21. What are your guys thoughts?
-Bittersweet that Hayden is being recognized as a 2nd rounder. Can't steal him in my mock drafts!
-I agree BerSTUzzi, that 2nd round looks ripe for the picking. Would love to have a high 2nd or multiple 2nds or both! Give me more picks!

Another thing one notices is top two rounds are very forward focused with a few gem D sprinkled in there. I like Geertsen(van), Jensen( medicine hat), Ully(kamloops), and Houck (van) in the mid-late rounds from the dub

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