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01-31-2013, 10:01 AM
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Quoted from HooliganX2:

I agree with you here people seem to forget about McRea and Sonne's last CHL seasons. They both were impressive. People are jumping the gun thinking he makes Stewart expendable. Way to early. I understand being excited about him but he's older then a decent amount of the players in the CHL and physically more mature. I had high hopes for Sonne and now he doesn't seem like he will ever be an NHL player.

How was McRae's last season in the CHL impressive? (52gp, 51pts) Or his second last year? (59gp, 54pt) Or any year? And he played with a great hockey team in London.

Sonne's last year (100 pts) in Calgary was indeed impressive, and I too thought he would progress much better than he did. He was very good at the World Juniors in a defensive center role.

Now you're trying to compare Jaskin to these two. This guy is putting up 2.5 or so ppg over an extended stretch in his one and only season in the league -- 1.92 ppg for the season -- and you're comparing him to McRae. Really.

And don't give me the whine about the Q being an offensive league. Look up the numbers. That league right now is as good as, or maybe better than, the Ontario league or the WHL, and if he stays healthy, Jaskin should easily win the league's scoring title -- that with missing 10 or 11 games due to the World Juniors.

Wildcat has been telling us how good Jaskin looks, and the stats speak for themselves, but you go ahead compare him to Phil McRae. Yup, real knowledge, that is.

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