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01-31-2013, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
No he won't but he'll score more goals than the other third liners, because he scores goals at a faster rate than them.
As I pointed out...
His goal scoring rate is low 1st line level.
When you compare him to other top6 players who play his level of competition he scores at a top 10 rate.

Re: penalties
He does create a bit but less than: Kane, Burmistrov, Jokinen, Thorburn, Antropov
He also draws about the same amount of penalties as he creates, which negates it a lot...

Re: giveaways
He does giveaway more than the rest of the forwards on the team (well actually Jokinen in Calgary was worse), but he does play on a line with Little who has the best takeaway/giveaway differential in the league (don't know if playing winger will change that though)...

Why are we all discussing things I've already proved and shown?

Mods... can we sticky this thread: lawl
The problem with your analysis is all penalties are equal and all turnovers are equal. Ladd makes more bad noticeable mistakes than any other forward which is unfortunate because he's the captain.

I get that he has a great shot and sometimes does great things on the ice however it's countered by his half dazed mistakes. They seriously need to put smelling salts on the bench to wake him up.

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