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01-31-2013, 10:14 AM
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It's not that hard to understand.

For Arsenal's case, it's down to the fact that the manager doesn't really want to spend. He's also a bit tied by the board who are probably dipping into his pockets a bit. He also is concerned with wage structure, and getting players who might block the development of players on the club now. I could also see some idea that the manager spent a bit in a past window or two, and didn't get a lot out of it. So being gun shy does play into it.

For other clubs, it comes down to the idea that in Winter, you pay more than a player is usually worth (though some of the Newcastle deals are proving that otherwise) in a reactionary sense, more so than a logical sense. There's also wage structure to consider. While the transfer fee itself might not be large, you might be giving a guy international level money, and he's only a squad player for you down the road. That's what puts teams in difficult spots.

As for a GM/Coach style, like North American sports, it's not as traditional, especially in the English game. Only a few clubs have ever done it, though they've often had chief scouts/financial guys. It's a bit more common on the European continent, but still not traditionally done at a bigger club. The manager almost always has the final say, unless you're talking about silly money buys. If you're a big manager, you don't want guys buying players you may not want or can't use. That leads to bust ups and managers getting fired. How anyone could survive at Chelsea where the owner is picking the players is beyond me. (It's why most won't last, and many won't go there other than for a truckload of cash).

It is a lot of work for a manager to do, and I do think at times some can't cut it doing both jobs. But it's a bit less like the manager doing all the scouting. Usually they have a scouting department that goes and looks at 4-5 targets that could fill a need, and then the manager, with consultation, can make the final pick. But even that could come down to whether or not they fit in the budget. To give an example, if Brendan Rodgers says, "I need an attacking midfielder", then the LFC staff would probably go out and find 4-5 targets for players who fit in the budget. He might have a player in mind, but usually, they'll make a few calls, see who's available, make some reports on the players that they could fit into the system. Then Rodgers would make the choice of the player he thinks would best suit his needs, or not, pending on what they want to do. Then, the deal is usually done by the scouting/finance people. Though, someone with a lot of clout like SAF could come in and push a deal through if need be. That more depends on the power of the manager, and his control of the board. It also has to do with budget and resources.

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