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01-31-2013, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
I think this is what has me (as a relative newcomer to following football) so confused. If it's apparent to me that this team needed help defensively and in the midfield, how does Arsenal management, be it Wenger or whoever, not see this? And if they are supposedly such a big club, how can they not go out and spend a bit to help out here? Isn't 10 million Euros what they spent on Park just 2 seasons ago?

Maybe I'm missing something. Someone above suggested that Wenger should focus on coaching and give someone else the job of handling transfers. Is it common to have a coach/GM model like we see in most North American sports in European soccer? It didn't seem that way to my newbie eyes, but I'm all for being enlightened.
England is different, in the EPL teams usual have one guy who fills both roles. The Bundesliga is different, there all teams have their coaches just coach, with someone else in charge of transfers.

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