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01-31-2013, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
I'm all for that... Assuming there's a team that aggressively wants in at the 8th slot. But no less than a first and a 2nd (&3rd if they're not top 20).

Sign Smith or Vick (cut fitz)
Or sign Kolb & let him/fitz battle it out.

No need to be reaching for a QB, rather grab a project in the later rounds while working with one of those 3 vets for now.

Smith could very well be a gem, guy was playing amazing this year, & this situation is bound to make him even more determined.
No ****ing way, to the bolded.

As for the underlined, I would certainly take Smith over Fitz but he was also playing with the second or third best defense in the NFL. He could afford to manage games and just feed Gore (to say nothng of Vernon Davis). Unless our defense makes some huge turnaround, he'd be forced into a lot ****tier situations in Buffalo than in San Fran.

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