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Originally Posted by NHL Fanatic View Post
It is a personal account, yes he is entitled to his own opinion but he should keep that personal. Social media is available for everyone to see. What he said was wrong, and he works for the OHL so it is a bad representation especially for a league official. He should have been suspended but full season and playoffs seems kind of harsh. He has to look for new opportunity for revenue starting now, if he hasn't already.
Originally Posted by ottawah View Post
When you are a public figure representing your league it does matter. Referees have to be perfectly impartial and show respect for the players and cities they work in/with.

The fact is some jobs require more discretion than others. As an extreme example, the Prime Minister cannot behave like a construction worker (OK, maybe bad example ).
you both make good points, but an OHL ref is far from a Prime Minister or any other prominent figure.

Originally Posted by PhlyerPhanatic View Post
Maybe a better punishment would have been a blind date in the Soo.
I don't know which discipline I would take... that a tough one

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