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01-31-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Catamarca Livin View Post
The Canucks did well in the game vs Chicago. Kassian started a scrum with Seabrook then the rest of the Canucks went after Keith. Really roughed him up. Burrows also punched Kane in the face drawing a bit of blood in a scrum. If you want to get Keith, start a scrum the lineman go to stop the scrum then you get Keith. Pretty easy actually. Linesman always go to the first altercation the second is always on its own. Keith did an attempted sucker punch on Burrow a couple years before the hair pulling. Burrows does not owe him a fair fight. No one does. The blackhawk fan saying the canucks should be diplomatic about this event is priceless. Easy to be diplomatic when your team is the aggressor. If Keith missed the playoffs with a suspension there would not need to be reprecussions. Keith played basically receiving no punishment. Letting the premeditated attack go on our top player go unpunished is not a very good option. Torres hit was unfortuate but it was a hockey play, Keith's play was not a hockey play, and therefore does not need a hockey play response.
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