Thread: Value of: PK Subban to Oilers or Wings
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01-31-2013, 12:13 PM
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In any case, Subban is not going to be traded for 4 reasons

1. He just resigned
2. It's been discussed already here
3. Habs are not in rebuilding
3. Who said his teammates don't like Subban ?

1. Yes, Subban signed a transitory contract of two years in which he is going to get 5,75 millions, which is not really enough and yes he will be RFA again in two years. That means that in two years, he is still bond to the team and won't be signing anywhere else unless Montreal clearly states they will not sign him again. Or if he is traded even before finishing his contract.

2. But the trade is unlikely to happen since it's been discussed soooo many times here. Everyone wants Subban, but no one wants to give anything. Philadelphia, Detroit, Edmonton have been mentionned more than their share. Philadelphia needs to give someone like Couturier (which I personnally don't feel we absolutely need), Edmonton have to send one of the Big 4 (preferably Eberle on my part) and Detroit must include their best prospect (Smith most likely). These are mostly one on one trades and neither of those three teams are willing to do them.

3. What some don't seem to understand is that Montréal is in no way rebuilding right now. We could say we are patching some holes, that's all. And holes have been filled greatly this year with a new GM, new coach and two rookies who have fire in their eyes. But if you look at last night's game against Ottawa, I would have taken Subban at his position to spar with Karlsson. So don't even bother asking for Subban by wanting to give future prospects we already have tons of or replaceable pieces we don't need since we already have that too. If you are not willing to give an impact player for Subban, it won't do us any good.

4. I'm sick of the sayings that Subban is hated in the locker room. Who said that ? Did any player ever say "I hate Subban, I wish he'd be gone." ? No one has, not even Plekanec and Desharnais who had squarreled with him (which is bound to happen when a team struggles...), but the media does it everytime. Subban this, Subban that, he's hated, he's trouble. But hey, I finally understood when the players were giving interviews about his signing. The players are not sick of Subban... they are sick of the medias asking about Subban. They are a team that is very united this year and don't need or want to talk about individual players. Subban will help the team and they all know it, but for now, like Markov said, he is not in the locker yet. So will the medias shut about him until he's there and talk about the upcoming games that are much more important. That's what I get from the players. There's no hate about Subban, just annoyance of being asked about him every single day.

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