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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
qpq- That's fair. And while I don't have time to properly respond at the moment. I'll say that those goalies would not be precluded from things in such a fashion like Thomas would have been...I mean, maybe Roy goes from 1 to 3 or something...2...but Thomas wouldn't have gotten into the top-50 I wouldn't think...
Given the type of consensus we had on Roy and Hasek being the top two goaltenders (20/24 for Roy; 19/24 for Hasek) and the lack of consensus we had on everything after the first four goaltenders were selected, I believe Roy dropping from #1 to #3 for not winning the 1986 Stanley Cup and Hasek likely dropping from #2 to #4-7 for either not winning his only Stanley Cup or not making it to the 1998 Gold Medal Game is probably as significant as Tim Thomas falling from #37 (which only 5/21 voters believed him to be) to somewhere else in the Top 50 with his two Vezinas.

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Paul Henderson says hi. A slightly above average NHL and WHA winger no player gets more recognition for one shot / one goal than he does. Yet that one goal never damaged Tretiak's legacy.

Mud Bruneteau / Lorne Chabot 1936 longest overtime game in the playoffs. Throw in Normie Smith. Mud Bruneteau - the goal scorer, is known forever though he was a very average thirties/early forties winger. Normie Smith a promising goalie got the shutout and a boost to a career that was arguably cut short by Jack Adams. Lorne Chabot was the losing goalie. One shot denied him a defining moment to his career. Maroons win and he has the moment that often separates a player from the HHOF.
I don't think these trivia answers really fit into the nature of what we were discussing. No one is going to get in a huff after the 1972 Summit Series ends in a tie and say, "Well where the heck was Paul Henderson?! He should have scored a third-straight game winner! He's a lesser hockey player for not doing it." Tim Thomas is no trivia answer; he has two seasons with 100 Vezina and Hart voting points, so he wasn't coming out of nowhere to make the only save worth remembering in his career on Andrei Kostitsyn by way of Seidenberg's body. There is no goal or save so good or timely that it will make someone a top player: Pietrangelo, Henderson, McLean, Bruneteau, Caron, Malik. You remember their names for doing the unbelievable, but you don't lose sight of the fact that they didn't have the type of elite careers worth discussing on our Top 70 and Top 40 lists.

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